The Team


Omar Butt

Co Founder

“Innovation ecosystems have evolved to include all stakeholders in the value chain. The benefits of co-designed and validated innovation is the de-risking of the supplier and buyer. It is a complex ecosystem that is fuelled by well informed investors or public funds and relies on dozens of experts and mentors. The result is a streamlined development pathway for innovators and more suitable lower cost products for customers. We aim to explore its evolution and the core principles to help out clients”

Omar Butt | Co Founder

After almost a decade of commercial experience supplying health systems with Innovation and in the process gaining a firm understanding of the challenges industry faces in aligning with the provider, Omar switched sides to work for the NHS. He has since spent several years assisting health systems with innovation and problem solving and again in the process gained a clear understanding of provider constraints in the adoption of innovation.

Alongside his professional career Omar has also founded several ventures in various sectors and knows well the trials and challenges that start-ups and entrepreneurs face.

To manifest the adoption of innovation he has co-developed and manages an ecosystem to nurture and accelerate life sciences related products and efficiencies to commercialisation whilst ensuring it is aligned with market preferences and issues.

He is currently involved in two of his own early stage ventures and mentors several Life science innovations in conjunction with his role at Imperial College Health Partners. An MBA from Imperial he has a continued academic passion for Consumer behaviour and Venture strategy.

Dr.Pramod Prabhakaran

Pramod Prabhakaran

Co Founder

Pramod Prabhakaran | Co Founder

Pramod has 20 years experience in clinical, educational and leadership roles in the UK, currently practicing as a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, specialized in adult and elderly psychological and cognitive health.

Currently, Pramod heads international business development at Imperial College Health Partners, bringing together world leading academic and healthcare organisations such as Imperial College London, the Royal Marsden Oncology hospital, and the Royal Brompton Heart Hospital.

Prior to his current role, Pramod was Medical Director for a large portfolio of mental health and community services in NW and NC London responsible for quality, service transformation and clinical leadership of acquisition. He has undertaken multinational policy development in the field of elderly care and integrated care models and is currently engaged in mental health hospital and rehabilitation service development in GCC.

Pramod has considerable global healthcare knowledge and expertise having clinically practiced in the UK, UAE and Australia, as well as led collaborative projects with countries in the Middle East and China.

Dr.Pramod Prabhakaran is skilled in medical and cross system leadership, being responsible for 200 medical staff members. He has experience in Digital health and Service Innovation; leading implementation of digital health solutions, including telehealth programmes for chronic conditions and Health programme for psychosis as well as mentoring digital start-ups within Dh.L accelerator and MedTech SuperConnector.

Nek Manji | Vita Global

Dr Manji is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Investment Professional and Strategist having more than 20 years of combined work experience in large institutions, public and private sectors. Dr. Manji has deep domain expertise in Healthcare, Education and related Infrastructure.
Dr. Manji’s focuses on Strategy, Corporate and Institutional Development acting as a trusted advisor to Executive Offices and Boards. He is often assigned to oversee and direct Special Projects, represent and negotiate Stakeholder interests, lead Strategic Advisory and Planning efforts and manage comprehensive techno-economic assessments inclusive of operational and technical feasibility, Capital Budgeting and Project Finance.
For the past 15 years he has been based in the GCC working with Private Equity Investment, Government Institutions and Corporates originating and advising on cross-border transactions valued at more than USD 1.5+ billion including Public-Private-Partnerships.
Aside from his personal direct investments, he consults regularly to industry and institutions and has developed an extensive network of associates with senior representatives and management of high profile institutions, academia, government agencies and other investment executives.
Comfortable in both technical and financial circles he focuses on identifying the value
proposition and strategic elements in every project or deal that lead to value creation, realizable gains, and the highest impact outcomes.