What We do

We help organisations with the full support of an Innovation ecosystem and strategic partners.
We employ a systematic and methodological framework with subject matter
experts to plan and execute the deployment of Innovation into a health system.

We can start with a pathway or population management overview
and focus down to individual value propositions
to ensure an efficient and sustainable change.

Vita HealthCare Solutions

Featured as a top 50 Healthcare UK’s Digital Health Offer – Department of International Trade.

Typical engagement Outputs

Innovators • Industry

  • Identify your customer
    not as simple as it initially sounds, particularly in complex health systems. Consider who pays, who uses and who benefits - are they the same or all different, how does this impact your business model?
  • Co-ordinate evidence
    modelled and real world; what are they, why do you need them. A key to successful wide scale adoption.
  • Fund raise
    pre-seed to series C we have extensive networks with investors and often advise them on the products to invest in.
  • Support with clinical advise
    a network of specialists who will offer their time and expertise to inform your product development.
  • Market scan
    competitor analysis, understand how to differentiate yourselves from the competition and make yourself globally competitive by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of worldwide innovation.
  • Write a business case
    a business case (sales pitch) is needed to sell to a healthcare provider but there is more to this than your traditional commercial approach, what language should you use? What format? How much evidence? What type of evidence should you use, who will read it? etc..
  • Provide legal support
    imperative to protecting your idea and your business.
  • Provide regulatory support
    a necessity for aligning with your customer's requirements domestically and globally
  • Provide market access
    clinical, commissioning and operational network to offer specialist opinions
  • Curate trial sites
    difficult to find and even more difficult to leverage for further market development, our network of innovation and commercially friendly sites will support and collaborate with you to produce the best of your innovation.
  • Map Patient and work flow pathways
    an important task in understanding how your product fits, who will have an opinion and who will be impacted by it.

Healthcare Providers

  • Population health analytics,
    use to establish where the largest impacts can be made
  • Adoption methodology
    new technology adoption poses problems – our methodology and experience make this as smooth as possible.
  • Innovation scouting
    find out what technology to use to solve your problems and compare multiple vendors.
  • Bespoke education
    programs for clinicians, managers and leaders – supplied by global leading institutes we know how to give your organisation the skills to thrive.

Our Partners