Research and Evaluation Support


There are many reasons for needing the support of academics, researchers or modelling specialists such as health economists. Ultimately it is either to prove a claim or develop a concept. We have been helping innovators from all backgrounds understand the what, when, how and why of evidence generation or academic collaboration.

Our global networks of research and academic institutes as well as our supporting partnership with the National Institute of Health Research London Invitro Diagnostics Centre means we can find the best collaborators for you.

Who should apply

  • If you need your product validated for Regulatory approval or Efficacy / accuracy testing
  • If you need access to specialist academics to help you develop your technology
  • Need patients to train your machine learning algorithm
  • Need Health economic evaluations
  • Clinical Trails
  • Human Factors research
  • Real world evaluations
  • Modelled impact
  • Test beds
  • Grant funding consortium building

How to apply

Please complete the downloadable forms below and submit them through our secure form, we will then reach out to schedule an appointment.

What we need from you:

  • Pitch deck
  • Research Engagement Form
  • Countersigned NDA

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