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The VITA Innovations Mission

At VITA, we are committed to empowering innovators in medical innovation. Our goal is to unlock their true potential, enabling them to make significant improvements in individual lives and impact populations at large. We understand the transformative power of medical innovation, and we are here to guide you through every step of your journey.

The Problems We Solve

Navigating the healthcare innovation pathway can be daunting, filled with uncertainties and complex questions:

  • Who do I talk to for support?
  • How do I identify my target market?
  • What kind of evidence is required, and when?
  • How should my business be structured for maximum impact?
  • What are the best strategies to communicate with my customers and validate my ideas?

We are here to clear up this confusion and pave a clear path forward.

The Solutions We Offer

With extensive industry expertise, we’ve crafted a comprehensive suite of services meticulously designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs and surpass their expectations. Each of these services is integral to the successful development and launch of innovative medical technologies.

At VITA, we ensure that your innovation not only meets regulatory and market standards but also effectively addresses the pressing needs of healthcare today. Our commitment to excellence positions us as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry, fostering innovation that makes a meaningful impact.

Our Services for cutting-edge medical technologies


Customised strategic planning to guide you from idea to market. We understand the intricacies of medical technology development and offer tailored plans to navigate this complex journey.

Expert Validation

Assessment of the viability of your innovation on technological, clinical and commercial fronts, ensuring your technology meets market demand and clinical needs.

Business Support

Comprehensive assistance in financial planning, operational strategy and organisational development, specifically designed for the medtech sector.


Specialised programs designed to fast-track growth, with a focus on education and integration into healthcare systems.

Market Access

Expert guidance on penetrating and expanding in the market, ensuring your technology reaches and resonates with its intended audience.

Evidence and Evaluation

Conducting thorough research to provide evidence of efficacy, safety and value, supporting the credibility and acceptance of your technology.

Regulatory Support

Expert navigation through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and facilitating smooth approval processes.

Bespoke Marketing Solutions

Revolutionary marketing strategies and campaigns, delivered by the marketing powerhouse Ocean View Marketing (OVM), to boost your brand’s visibility and impact.

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The ‘Innovation Crunch’ in healthcare is a critical stalemate where effort, resilience and funding no longer drive progress.

Start-ups see their growth stalling, investors encounter unexpected plateaus in ventures, and health systems struggle with adopting or utilising new technologies. This crunch signifies a major hurdle in addressing healthcare’s workforce challenges, population health and health equity while managing costs.

The crunch stems from an overwhelming array of choices, a scarcity of distinctive innovations and insufficient evidence for their effectiveness. Investors struggle to identify potential successes, and a shortage of capital further complicates scaling up innovations. Health systems, pivotal in adopting these innovations, often lack clarity in their needs, hindering alignment with start-ups’ offerings.

Overcoming this crunch requires building ‘innovation velocity’ – a momentum to push through these challenges, ensuring start-ups scale, investors gain returns, and healthcare systems successfully integrate innovative solutions for a more efficient and equitable healthcare future.

VITA are here to help you to navigate the potential innovation crunch and ensure you are not being held back. Contact us today to discuss the opportunities of working together. 

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