Grant Funding


Product development and validation can be a difficult stage in an innovators journey and we often struggle to find private finance to support us at this stage as we are seen as too risky. If this is your situation then grant funding may be the best opportunity for you. Our service is well-established with an industry leading success rate. Not only will we help with the grant-writing, we can help identify the best funds to approach.

Who should apply

Those with an idea or existing product with a robust business case and development roadmap, or those who need access to research and test bed sites as part of a consortium-led product validation.

How to apply

Complete the downloadable forms below and submit the form, we will reach out to book an appointment.

Quick Tip: review our grant bid application guidance to see if you are answering the right questions in your pitch deck.

What we need from you:

  • Pitch deck
  • Completed Engagement Form
  • Countersigned NDA
  • Reason for Grant

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