Who are we?

Vita are experts in how to select and scale innovation in healthcare. We have seen it first-hand from all sides as clinicians, commissioners, analysts, innovators, accelerators, researchers, investors and start-up mentors.

What do we do?

We coach start-ups, investors and health systems to avoid or escape what we call the ‘innovation crunch’, so each can thrive. We do so by generating momentum, what we call ‘innovation velocity’. You can read more about this on our “Innovation crunch” page here .

The people

We are a multidiscipline team that has years of industry, academic, technical and clinical experience.

The method

Our research-led methodology is supported by leading universities and academic research teams.

The result

We leave our clients with a de-risked and efficient process to achieve their objectives, supported with insights and an expanded network.

Our Mission Statement

We want to empower health systems and innovators to realise their true potential so they can improve the lives of individuals and populations. 

We believe that health systems could do so much more for their citizens if only they could select, adopt and scale the right innovation. We also believe Innovators could do so much more if only they could be aligned to the validated needs of health systems. 

Health systems all over the world have repeatedly failed to adopt the right innovation. These failures have been expensive and draining. This stems from a lack of a structured process. 

The time has come for new thinking and a new approach, grounded in research. 

We recognised that although all of the pieces to the complex puzzle of innovation development and adoption may be available they are hidden to most and often guarded by unfamiliar language and terms. Our mission since founding Vita HCS has been to make visible all of the resources available to innovators and health systems and support users with the strategy and skills to exploit them efficiently.  Whether it is grant or private funding, test beds or even from a health care perspective; innovation selection, we have amassed validated and tested resources and have the knowledge to maximise your engagements. Our roles have grown since our founding mission to now supporting a growing number of institutes in their role in innovation. 

For example in our executive education programmes at University College London & Imperial College we educate health leaders from industry and provider organisations on innovation ecosystems and market access. As mentors at Kings college or accelerators like Digital Health London we support start and scale ups understand their road maps and the challenges new ventures can pose. At the National Institute of health research we add valuable health system insights to both inform their ground breaking evaluation and research as well as informing the innovators using their services of the business and commercial strategies they could employ to be successful. 

As a result our networks and understanding continues to grow and results in shorter and more de risked routes to market or product selection and adoption.  We are always happy to talk about this so please reach out if you’d like to know more.

Omar, Pramod & Hassan

Meet Our Team

Omar Learbuch Butt

Co-Founder - CEO

Omar is a well-known market access expert, academic, and lecturer who has dedicated his career to uncovering the true barriers to adoption and spread in the healthcare industry.

With extensive experience in the field, he has worked as a Sales Professional for Med Devices, where he sold £10’sm to health systems. He has also held senior positions at several well recognised organisations such as Imperial College London, ICHP, where he served as the Innovation Lead for NHS National Programmes, and at the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) London MIC, where he serves as the Global Lead for Market Access Evidence. Omar is also known for his expertise in Executive Education design and delivery, making him a sought-after speaker and educator in the healthcare industry. His vast experience and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to enhance their market access strategy and drive growth.
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Dr Pramod Prabhakaran MBBCS MRCPsych

Co-Founder - CCO

Dr. Pramod Prabhakaran is a renowned medical leader, global health systems expert, and lecturer with a strong focus on population health management. With a career spanning over several decades, Dr. Prabhakaran has established himself as an authority in the healthcare industry. He has worked as an International Lead for various NHS bodies and has practiced medicine in eight countries, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the unique challenges and opportunities facing global health systems.

Dr. Prabhakaran is also a highly sought-after consultant on multiple new hospital builds, where he has applied his expertise to design and implement innovative solutions to support effective population health management. In addition, he is a digital mental health expert for various institutes, where he has contributed significantly to the development of advanced technologies and tools to support the diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental health disorders. With his extensive experience, knowledge, and passion for supporting population health management, Dr. Prabhakaran is a respected leader and mentor in the healthcare industry, and his contributions have had a significant impact on patient outcomes and overall health system performance.
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Hassan Chaudhury

Co-Founder - CMO

Hassan is a founder, advisor and lecturer with a global perspective on digital health.  He spent 4 years as the Global Digital Health Specialist for Healthcare UK, part of the UK Government, covering 96 countries, developing the UK offer for digital health investment and for trade until 2022.

He has one exit (Health iQ to CorEvitas LLC in 2019), is a founder at Vita and at Trade Aide, a NED at Opto Health, and an advisor at 8 other firms including Newton’s Tree, Cognitant, Peerr, ORCHA and Inovia.Bio. He is a Visiting Lecturer (and module lead for startups) on Digital Health and Entrepreneurship at the Global Business School for Health (GSBH) at UCL, and on the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Digital Health. He is also currently a Vice-Chair of the HIMSS UK community, part of the All4Health&Care and AnalystX communities, a startup mentor at 4 accelerators, a Commercial Consultant to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, and (interim) Commercial Director at the Health Data Research UK Hub for Cancer; DATA-CAN.
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Our Clients

Hassan Chaudhury

Consulting Director

Hassan is a Consulting Director at Vita Healthcare Solutions, Commercial Consultant for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Strategy Lead for the Source Group, and Global Digital Health Specialist for Healthcare UK at the Department for International Trade, with a global role advising commercial teams in over 100 UK embassies as well as innovators, health systems and governments.

His background is in social work, informatics, NHS commissioning and public health. Currently, Hassan mentors at the NHS Innovation Accelerator, KQ Labs at The Francis Crick Institute and SimDH at London South Bank University. He is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Digital Health, a member of both the HIMSS Innovation Committee and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Healthcare Sector Exec Committee, Co-Chair of the Diversity Interest Group of the PM Society and also holds an Honorary Research post at Imperial College London.

Dr Pramod Prabhakaran MBBCS MRCPsych

Independent Healthcare Consultant

Pramod has 20 years experience in clinical, educational and leadership roles in the UK, currently practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist specialised in adult and elderly psychological and cognitive health.

Currently Pramod heads International Business Development at Imperial College Health Partners, brining together world leading academic and healthcare organisations. Prior to his current role, Pramod was Medical Director for a large portfolio of mental health and community services in North West and Central London, responsible for quality, service transformation and clinical leadership of acquisition.

Pramod has considerable global healthcare knowledge and expertise, having clinically practiced in the UK, UAE and Australia, as well as led collaborative projects with countries in the Middle East and China.

Omar Learbuch Butt

Healthcare Innovation Consultant and Co-Founder

Omar is a Healthcare Innovation Consultant and Co-Founder at Vita Healthcare Solutions, as well as Innovation Account Lead at Imperial College Health Partners.

After over a decade in the healthcare sector, working in various innovation and market access roles, Omar is focused on supporting institutes to shape innovation strategy or adoption. He has developed and manages an ecosystem, to nurture and accelerate life sciences related innovation to commercialisation, ensuring it is aligned with market preferences for rapid spread and adoption with impact.

With a wealth of commercial experience in innovation, and now a deep. understanding of the dynamics of healthcare system innovation and adoption, he has, with his co-founders, established and validated a systemic approach to market access and adoption.