Outcome-focused Consultancy for Healthcare Innovators

Providing expert services to foster success in the complex ecosystem of innovation.

Our Mission

Vita HCS is dedicated to fostering innovation across every facet, encompassing finance, conceptualisation, adoption and regulation. Our mission is to demystify and streamline the intricate ecosystem of innovation, which often becomes bogged down in complexity, hindering market entry and scalable adoption.

We offer a synergistic blend of tools, consulting, education and expertise, all designed to mitigate risks inherent in the innovation process. Our services rely on/employ a common language to facilitate understanding and trust among the diverse community of stakeholders involved in the development, funding, and adoption of innovative projects.

Our focus is squarely on outcomes. We employ a streamlined, goal-oriented approach across all of our operations/services. Engagement with our clients is predicated on clear value and a mutual understanding of the steps necessary for success.

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team boasts decades of experience and has built educational programmes for healthcare innovators like yourself, at some of the world’s leading universities. This real-world experience is what sets VITA apart. Backed by our extensive academic background, we know the nuances of your market better than the rest.

Omar Butt

Co-founder and CEO

Hassan Chaudhary

Co-founder and CMO

Dr Pramod Prabhakaran

Co-founder and CCO

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We are on hand to answer any questions and provide assistance. You can send us a message using the contact form, and we will endeavour to answer your query within 48 hours.