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Supporting Innovation
to achieve Scale and Adoption

Connecting the best Health Start-Ups and Accelerators to Global Investors, Corporate Partners and Health Systems

Supporting Health systems Adopt New Technology

Some of our partners

The Vita building blocks

Narrative Development and evidence generation

Product validation, health economics, clinical trials, what, when and how, we can guide you through this complicated field and introduce you to the best partners. This is often combined with our grant writing services.

Market Access

Healthcare product development is complicated and multifaceted. Use our expertise to plan your journey, ensure you are accounting for all of your challenges and de-risk your market access.

Research Led Methodology

Some of the greatest innovative minds in industry and academia have contributed to our unique methodology, rooted in science and university-backed research.

Private Funding

From Seed to the Series rounds we offer access to funds and practical advice to support your funding efforts.

International Expansion

When, how and with who, standard questions that can be frustratingly difficult to answer. We have supported health tech enterprise access global markets by answering these questions and offering a fair view on the potential of new territories.

Strategy Design

Super charge your market access and growth with our knowledge transfer service. Unlike traditional strategy consultants we will work with you to shape your set of strategies supporting with frameworks insight and a meticulous view on the variables that need to be accounted for “the detail” when building a strategy with objectives and tasks.

Example packages

Our building blocks can be utilised to form bespoke packages for our clients.
Here are some of the most popular packages we deliver.



Supporting the best Health Start-UPS to scale Domestically and Internationally with the right narratives, strategy, evidence and investment.

Best for

Health Start-ups and Accelerators

Investors in Health and Life Sciences

SME’s / Multinationals



Connecting the best innovation to corporate partners, investors and health systems for market access.

Best for

Health System or Governments


Our Mission Statement

We want to empower health systems and innovators to realise their true potential so they can improve the lives of individuals and populations. 

We believe that health systems could do so much more for their citizens if only they could select, adopt and scale the right innovation. We also believe Innovators could do so much more if only they could be aligned to the validated needs of health systems. 

Health systems all over the world have repeatedly failed to adopt the right innovation. These failures have been expensive and draining. This stems from a lack of structured process. 

The time has come for new thinking and a new approach, grounded in research. 


Hassan Chaudhury

Consulting Director

Hassan is a Consulting Director at Vita Healthcare Solutions, Commercial Consultant for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Strategy Lead for the Source Group, and Global Digital Health Specialist for Healthcare UK at the Department for International Trade, with a global role advising commercial teams in over 100 UK embassies as well as innovators, health systems and governments.

His background is in social work, informatics, NHS commissioning and public health. Currently, Hassan mentors at the NHS Innovation Accelerator, KQ Labs at The Francis Crick Institute and SimDH at London South Bank University. He is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Digital Health, a member of both the HIMSS Innovation Committee and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Healthcare Sector Exec Committee, Co-Chair of the Diversity Interest Group of the PM Society and also holds an Honorary Research post at Imperial College London.

Dr Pramod Prabhakaran MBBCS MRCPsych

Independent Healthcare Consultant

Pramod has 20 years experience in clinical, educational and leadership roles in the UK, currently practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist specialised in adult and elderly psychological and cognitive health.

Currently Pramod heads International Business Development at Imperial College Health Partners, brining together world leading academic and healthcare organisations. Prior to his current role, Pramod was Medical Director for a large portfolio of mental health and community services in North West and Central London, responsible for quality, service transformation and clinical leadership of acquisition.

Pramod has considerable global healthcare knowledge and expertise, having clinically practiced in the UK, UAE and Australia, as well as led collaborative projects with countries in the Middle East and China.

Omar Learbuch Butt

Healthcare Innovation Consultant and Co-Founder

Omar is a Healthcare Innovation Consultant and Co-Founder at Vita Healthcare Solutions, as well as Innovation Account Lead at Imperial College Health Partners.

After over a decade in the healthcare sector, working in various innovation and market access roles, Omar is focused on supporting institutes to shape innovation strategy or adoption. He has developed and manages an ecosystem, to nurture and accelerate life sciences related innovation to commercialisation, ensuring it is aligned with market preferences for rapid spread and adoption with impact.

With a wealth of commercial experience in innovation, and now a deep. understanding of the dynamics of healthcare system innovation and adoption, he has, with his co-founders, established and validated a systemic approach to market access and adoption.